Permission to speak boldly before your presence, Let my words teach you something, Just like the masonry at the construction site,so as your words builds you, Just as the light directs the man, so as your words do, Just as the courts reveals the truth,so as the words you speak, Your words heals,your words strengthens, … More YOUR WORDS


In the midst of it all, You took me to his home, Never knowing his norming ways, I was struck by his everlasting truth and wisdom, Just like the prophets of our time, He led me to his presence to speak to me, In his presence, his kindness and love overturned my fear to courage … More ENCOUNTER


Never scripted from this world, From its way of life,never fitted to the script, My character was not cool enough to handle the pleasures of this play, So I let it slay, But fit i was in the shoes of the father, My script was not of this world, but from above, Unique I was, … More GOD’S SCRIPT


Allow me to express this feeling, Not of fear, but of gratitude, Seeing this treasure, I cannot contain myself, For she presents herself like an angel sent from above, An instrument of a splendid woman, A kiss that can turn your worries into morning glories, So why not cherish her, Because with such beauty, no … More GOD’S QUEEN


I know you never heard me before, Nevertheless, I come to you clearly, as a friend speaks to you, Ideologies of the world have corrupted your mind with thoughts of me not existing, Nevertheless, I am here child, I knew you before we placed you on earth, I have been with you since we knitted … More DON’T DO IT